The Power of Drone Mapping

Aside from some of the more obvious uses of drones in the photography industry, there exists an often overlooked yet very useful service that a licensed drone operator can provide: Mapping.

Drone photographers can aid numerous industries such as agriculture, real estate and construction to name a few, with the creation of Orthomosaic maps. These maps are stitched together from hundreds or thousands of aerial photos from various angles, and can result in the generation of highly accurate 2D maps and/or 3D models.

If you have five minutes to spare, the video below from Dronegeniuty is very concise and informative. If you’re new to mapping using drones, this video is a great starting point that can give you a good idea of how this service can benefit your business.

All credit for video production and the information contained within goes to Dronegenuity. Aether Aerial Media claims no ownership over the video, nor any affiliation with Dronegenuity.

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